A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to the Museum of Interactive Art!

Journey through an expansive and detailed museum and discover the mysteries that lay within. 

This game was created in 1 week for the 2018 Epic MegaJam.


Look with mouse.

Move with WASD.

Run with Shift.

Interact with a mouse button, or E.


FreshLemonade_MuseumOfInteractiveArt.zip 378 MB


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I feel like you took those screenshots intentionally to fuck with the player, but I really have no idea. Nobody else ever talked about them...

this game is awesome. unfortunately theres still bug based on this web description

Super amazing and gorgeus game! Honestly such a cool concept! Couldn't really figure out how to interect with every piece but still enjoyed it none the less! This was the final game in my 3 Beautiful Games video, hope you enjoy!