A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to the Museum of Interactive Art!

Journey through an expansive and detailed museum and discover the mysteries that lay within. 


Look with mouse.

Move with WASD.

Run with Shift.

Interact with a mouse button, or E.

Jump with space bar.

Note: Unfortunately there is one bug  that only appeared in the shipping build that stops rendering several of the main gameplay elements. Since I cannot upload a patch (it's a gamejam!) you can use the patched version here for a complete experience if you desire. Unfortunate that it was just one line of code causing such a headache!


FreshLemonade_MuseumofInteractiveArt.zip 378 MB


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this game is awesome. unfortunately theres still bug based on this web description

Super amazing and gorgeus game! Honestly such a cool concept! Couldn't really figure out how to interect with every piece but still enjoyed it none the less! This was the final game in my 3 Beautiful Games video, hope you enjoy!