A downloadable game for Windows


(If you wish to play after that date you can contact me via twitter (@graeme_crackers) to set up a time for me to launch the server, or launch your own server, (see instructoins in: MegaJam2017/Binaries/Win64/ServerReadme.txt)

Together cubed is a multiplayer puzzle game where you can only interact with other players using a single cube which you can place in the world. This game was created in a week by one developer for the Unreal Engine Megajam 2017.

Best played with a friend or two! Many of the objectives are difficult/impossible to reach without teamwork. Each of you can join from separate computers and you will automatically be on the same server.

This game will automatically connect you to an online dedicated server in order to play. I intend to have the server running until the beginning of December. 


WASD: Move
Space: Jump
Right click: Remove cube.
Left click: Place cube.
Right click: Remove cube.
Left click on cube / E : Customize cube menu.
Shift: Walk slowly.
Esc: Menu for quitting.

NOTE: Please create new login information for this game as I currently can't guarantee the privacy of your login.

Install instructions

Internet is required to play! 

Unzip and run the MegaJam2017.exe found in the main directory.


FreshLemonade_TogetherCubed.zip 131 MB