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Great game! I was honestly so triggered that I didn't see the controls! I just saw the game and wanted to play it. Welp either way it was a great game!

I had a lot of fun playing this game and destroying the office. I hope to see more from you soon! 

This was an interesting use of a physics engine.
I quite enjoyed the "tricky" controls, as it made the game more interesting.
I would have liked a small tutorial for controls, but for a game jam game, it was good.

You can check out my experience below! (~10 minute mark)

Thanks for the awesome game, bit challenging for me XD but fun nonetheless!


This is a short and simple, but very amusing game. Even without trying to achieve the intended goal, you can have plenty of fun just messing with the lighting and physics, and that's a good quality for a game to have. The music was also pretty rad, despite the single track.

Good job, dev.

Love this game

Liked it! Cute and funny.

Here is my playthrough.

I can genuinely say I'm glad I don't work there anymore.

Oh man, a lot of what you sai can be taken out of context.

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I'm not exactly sure what you're referring to.

i almost didn't finish it

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Great game. I never knew how hard it could be to put stuff in a box!! Great job! Only complaint I really want to just blow up everthing. But sadly I was lacking an RPG. Other than that I enjoyed it.

this game makes rage! lol but thats a good thing fun game! but im real question is do you plan to expand on it and how?

I enjoyed your video! No, I'm not planning to expand on it beyond quick bug fixes to make what I've already created more enjoyable. It does give me some other interesting ideas about games using a similar physics system though.

Sweet! let me know if you come out with any simaler games!

Can you make a mac version of this game?

Unfortunately I cannot as I don't have access to a mac right now to build it on. I'm also not sure it would run well as it is not designed to run on an internal gpu chip which is what comes with Macbooks.

add a gun please i beg you

Hahaha. Believe it or not I actually considered doing just that and I had a mesh made for it and everything. During the last 24 hours I needed simplify the game and it didn't make the cut in the end.

I was just happy enough to wreck the whole office building. I did try to pick things up. Not sure if it bugged or, what because it wouldn't let me pick up an, object with either hand. Still fun to smash cubicle walls down though!


Woo! Destruction!


I did it! Very fund dude. Are the lamps and monitors using extra geometry to "fake" the volumetric lighting?

Thank you! The volumetric lighting is actually using a volumetric fog system that is provided as part of Unreal Engine. For more information about it you can check this out:

After enabling the volumetric fog, I disabled it for my overhead lights and then cranked up the "Volumetric Scattering Intensity" for the spotlights attached to my lamps etc. until it looked right. On my laptop (gtx1060) at 60fps, the volumetric fog took ~3ms. A bit expensive, but I don't have much going on in my scene so it seemed doable. 

Hope that helps!

This game was really fun!!

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

This game was very well made. Graphics and lighting were top notch and the ragdoll physic made this fun and annoying all at the same time. That lunchbox was a nightmare but I really hope you add more after the jam.  Overall it was fun and a cool game to play. Well done... :)

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Well done for sticking through and carrying everything upstairs, haha. :)


This Game was alot of fun and challenging as well. Great Job on the game dev

Glad you liked it! Thanks for posting your video, it was fun to see your experience playing through it!

  • Good idea, could be really funny
  • Really poor optimisation
  • He jumps with the spacebar, not the A key
  • You can't see whether he's close enough or aiming at the object you want to pick up
  • No main menu or quit option
  • No settings

Thanks! I fixed the keyboard controls typo.